Movie Ratings


Constructs a relation matrix of user ratings for movies.



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  • Ratings

    Movie ratings relation matrix.


Movie Ratings widget gives you access to data on user ratings for more than 8500 movies from the Movielens database. The data set contains 1 to 5-star ratings representing user-movie preferences. This is a good widget to try out data fusion as it gives you instant access to the data.

  1. Select a subset of movies for which you would like to obtain user ratings:
    • fraction of movies will output a specified fraction of movies selected uniformly at random from the entire database.
    • time period will output all the movies released in a specified time period
  2. Click Apply to commit the changes.


Movie Ratings will output users-by-movies data matrix for further analysis. Feed it into the Fusion Graph to decompose data matrix into the product of smaller latent data matrices or view the data in a Data Table.