IMDb Actors


Constructs a movies-by-actors or actors-by-actors relation matrix.



  • Filter

    Data filter.


  • Movie Actors

    A movies-by-actors relation matrix.

  • Costarring Actors

    An actors-by-actors relation matrix.


This widget gives you the access to the IMDb data sets on actors and movies. It outputs either a movies-by-actors relation matrix, an actors-by-actors relation matrix or both.

  1. Select how many actors from the IMDb database would you like to consider.
  2. Click Apply to commit your data.


This simple widget is great for learning how data fusion works since it enables immediate access to the IMDb database. To use it, you need to connect it to Movie Ratings widget in the input and with Fusion Graph in the output. This will add the information on actors in relation to movies. You can view this new data in the Data Table widget.